ROI 200How do you ensure your people are W.O.R.L.D. Wise™ global leaders?

Culture is created at many levels. While we are familiar with the ideas of national, regional and company cultures, unique cultures develop within departments, branch offices, schools and families. An individual’s behaviour is the expression of the sum of his cultures. Culture drives what someone does, and why he does it. While there are databases full of national norms, the average expected behaviour for someone from a given country; they represent a mathematical creation, an individual who does not truly exist. A set of “average national behaviours” can be a useful starting generalization, but, like stereotypes, they are not the tools managers, negotiators, and executives need to excel in the world of international business.  Natalie Richter Global programs are designed to teach people not just about a culture, but how to recognize, evaluate and understand the underlying elements common to all cultures, and be able to perform a cultural assessment of any situation and any group at any time.  It is a tool set, not just a user manual.

On June 1 2017 Natalie Richter presented at Your Workplace Conference 2017

Read the transcript of her talk: Cultivating Diversity to Maximise Innovation

Our Purpose

To work with companies to build/align their international teams in order to deliver the best results for the company as a whole.

To support expats’ global career development throughout their international assignments to effectively prepare for their next role and deliver maximum results for the company as a whole.

You require success

Despite the cultural differences of the communities in which you work, you require successful project outcomes. Natalie Richter Global’s W.O.R.L.D. Wise Program helps leaders turn the impact of culture to your company’s advantage.

Global leadership development

Participants study and apply the tools for global leadership development to achieve strategic business objectives: from expatriation and repatriation of international assignees, to building effective teams after Mergers, Acquisitions and JVs.

Commitment to your leaders

Research has shown that your commitment to your leaders’ career management boosts loyalty, and the determination to lead you through tougher times.

Integrating New Canadians in the Workforce

As Canada celebrates its sesquicentennial, it is important for us to celebrate our new immigrants and the tremendous value highly skilled professional immigrants bring to companies and project teams.


Wisdom: “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.”
Wise: “having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment.”

Circular definitions, or a hard concept to pin down? In this article Natalie Richter offers you a better definition.

Defining Buy-in Value

Buy-in Value is the economic benefit arising from the behavior and actions of individuals that are not always capable of being individually identified and separately recognized.

Decision Making

Decision Making and Problem Solving: Creating cultures that bring people’s best brains to the table. Part 5 in the series.