Jul 31, 2016

The Openness and Flexibility Skill Set: The Key to Effective Cultural Integration

Part 2 in a series on how to build a W.O.R.L.D. Wise global career and legacy through cultural integration.

By Natalie Richter

Strategic communication skills require expats to be open and flexible, so that they and their global teams can communicate with one another. They must be strategic about where the communication is taking place (e.g., face-to-face or virtual, what location, and so on); who is present during the interaction; what words are chosen; what their tone of voice and body language are during the interaction; what the objective of the interaction is; and whether or not the door needs to be open to further communication once everyone is clear on what the next steps are.

But how exactly does this skill set develop?

Published in Global Benefits Vision, July 2016, download the full article.