The W.O.R.L.D. Wise™ Executive

Natalie Richter Global provides a package of training and coaching to strategically significant executives, high potential leadership program participants, and those taking on high profile, high risk, and complex assignments.  Often these individuals are moving between countries, or have been given assignments where culture, be it local, national, organizational or functional, will be a significant factor.

Mergers and acquisitions, facility re-alignment, process change, and opening new markets, whether at home or abroad, represent some of the significant strategic assignments that Natalie Richter’s clients have been facing.

When the executive is moving their family as part of the assignment, Natalie Richter Global will include the family in the process, with special sessions dedicated to the family as a whole as well as the needs of individual members.  The successful cultural transition of accompanying family members is key to the personal success of the assignee, and is too often a cause of assignment failure when it’s not properly addressed as an integral part of a relocation process.

The specific needs of each executive, and their assignment, will differ. So while the overall process remains the same, the structure and duration will be delivered according to individual need.

The process begins with 2-3* days of in-person sessions, in a single block or spread over no more than a two-week period. Follow on coaching sessions can be remote or in-person. There is a minimum commitment of 10 hours of ongoing coaching, typically in 30 minute sessions, during the first six months of the assignment.

* If family is involved, they will need to be available for an in-person day. Follow up coaching with family members is also available.

Custom Consulting & Coaching

The W.O.R.L.D. Wise™ Process can be applied in many ways, Contact us to discuss custom solutions.

The W.O.R.L.D. Wise™ Team

Teams in transition or conflict, newly formed or newly integrated, are the backbone of strategic initiatives. No matter how well planned the project, a clash of cultures, be they national, functional, organizational or individual, can slow down or derail any project.  Even in the absence of overt problems effective team communication can be mired in misunderstanding, complicated by missed signals, or lack efficiency; all arising from differing communication styles and cultural expectations.

Using the W.O.R.L.D. Wise™ Process, we conduct a Cultural Due Diligence (CDD) where we analyze the different cultures in your organization, and a Communication Culture Due Diligence (CCDD) where we analyze what was said, how it was said, and how it was received.  We work on communication strategies to repair miscommunications in order to increase the effectiveness of teams.  We use training and coaching methods to prepare and debrief important interactions – be they presentations or one-on-one feedback sessions.

The process is arranged and delivered according to the specific needs of the organization, size and location (single site vs multi-site/multi-national/remote) of the team, and is comprised of the following elements:

Research Day(s): Natalie Richter Global staff will spend time with the team, conducting the CDD and CCDD.

Teams session(s): Half to full day workshop sessions will be held with the team, ideally off site. The workshop will lead the team through key elements of the W.O.R.L.D. Wise™ Process, such as the Cultural Due Diligence, to help them uncover their cultural predispositions and communications styles and learn to assess others and identify both problems and solutions.  The aim is to educate the team in the tools; not just to address the present, but to lave behind tools the team can use in the future.

Individual debrief/coaching sessions will be held with team leaders and key individuals.

Ongoing follow up coaching of individuals is also available.