Jun 30, 2016

lightbulb_in_globeThe first step in building a valuable legacy in global organizations.


By Natalie Richter

Expat assignments create or destroy value and leave positive or negative legacies depending on the success of the expat’s ability to integrate into the host culture(s). Cultural integration requires global skills on the one hand and acceptance from the host country office (even when taking on a global role while sitting at the host country office) on the other hand.

Expat assignments are also learning opportunities, not only for the expat but also for the organization as a whole. They offer valuable opportunities to capture important market and people insights about the geographies in which your company does business and the people who work for your organizations. However, these learning opportunities often are lost, because the expats are so busy “getting the job done” that they have no time to reflect upon what they’re doing while they’re doing it, what worked or didn’t work, and why.

This article is the first of six that will explore what global skills are necessary for a successful international assignment…

Published in Global Benefits Vision, June 2016, download the full article.